EX089 Power WMS

Eos Power WMS app allows to have better management of all logistics processes with real time information

Quick Guide

1Install BC app and activate a trial
2Install PowerApp app
3Connect PowerApp to BC
4Start setup in BC (setup, users and activities, scanner setup)

Press ALT + Q and digit "WMS" for a list of the features involved


The Power WMS solution consists of a Power App for front-end management and a Business Central App for back-end management and aims to efficiently execute warehouse operations from the receipt of items to the picking and shipping of materials.

Power WMS

Thanks to Eos Solutions Power WMS (WMS) app:

  • better management of all logistics processes with real time information
  • accurate control of items and inventory levels

Benefits for the user - Free the design and development department from sales support. Even groups of less experienced users can independently use the product configurator to prepare offers and orders.

  • Reduction of the loading times of the sales documents with consequent increase in the satisfaction of the final customer.
  • Reduction of errors in the calculation of list prices and of any surcharges / options. The use of rules and relationships allows to sell to the end customer only what is expected by the company.
  • Reduction of design department errors in creation of Production BOMs and Routings. The reconfiguration function also allows you to regenerate the configurations already created for an easy revision of Production BOMs.

Additional App

Install EX089.01 Power WMS for Handling Units in order to: Extend the Power WMS solution with handling unit management capabilities, which are managed across all major functionalities. In order to use the Power WMS for Handling Units App as a prerequisite in addition to the Power WMS app, you must have one or both of these apps:

  • EX030 Handling Units Management
  • EX055 Packing List

The EX030 and EX055 apps allow you to manage the handling units (pallets, boxes, etc.) to be assigned to documents in order to carry out shipments, receipts, picks, put away and warehouse entries.


Some features of this app require a subscription.

The subscription can be activated from Subscription control panel page or directly from the notification messages that the system proposes, by clicking on the link that allows you to start the subscription wizard.

In details:

  • FREE-TRIAL-DEMO version: it’s automatically activated at first request and gives full access to all features. This trial expires after 20 days from the activation

  • FULL VERSION: it’s possibile to buy a full version that will last for 12 months following the wizard and accessing to the EOS AppStore.

See www.eos-solutions.it website for more information.

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